Northshore Bookkeeping believes that small businesses are a vital part of our economy. Whether your business has been around for a while or you are just starting out, the accounting part of running a business can be overwhelming. Having a skilled bookkeeper available to assist with the detailed record keeping responsibilities can make your duties more manageable and rewarding. Northshore provides the professional, confidential and personalized services necessary for your company to grow and prosper. With Northshore Bookkeeping you will be better informed in making important financial decisions. We are more reasonable than you might think. Contact us for a free consultation and quote.
Northshore Bookkeeping


Receive the standard monthly reports such as P&L, budget to actual, balance sheet and accounts receivable. Special and customized reports are available based on client’s needs.

Northshore Bookkeeping

Tax Returns and Coordination

Stay compliant with your taxes and government filings. Northshore prepares sales tax, business tax, property tax, tangible property tax and annual reports. We will work closely with your CPA to ensure that your taxes are filed on a timely basis.

Northshore Bookkeeping

Payroll Processing

Manage payroll from check generation to tax filings to W-2s. We also handle 1099s for   independent contractors. If you are working with a 3rd party service like Paychex, no problem, we are a happy to coordinate with them.


Will provide services to maintain your records on a timely basis. Reconcile all your accounts monthly, including checking, money market, savings and credit card accounts.


Northshore will generate billing for your clients based on your needs and specifications.

Accounts Payable

Will organize and automate your financial information. Receive, review and code vendor invoices according to your chart of accounts. Generate checks or bill pay according to your needs.

Budget Preparation

Will assist with generating yearly budgets based on historical data while accounting for large expenditures.  With the use of budget to actual reports, you will be able to make informed decisions each month.